Stranger Things That Can Happen To Your Pet

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Whether you decide that you want to stick with a what would be classed as a normal or popular chocked for a pet, or if you decide to go for something a little stranger, choosing the right pet for you is a process and a journey that needs your attention. After all, you are making a huge commitment. But, it isn’t just the commitment of looking after a pet that you need to think about.

Sure you will have to understand how to feel them and keep them comfortable and yes, you will need to commit to weak or any exercise they need. Make things accessible in the home for them, or ensure that their habitat is what it needs to be. However, there can be some strange things that can happen to your pet, or affect your pet ownership journey which we thought we should share with you.

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Some pets have a fear of cooking

You would automatically think that if you are in the kitchen, cooking up a storm of delicious food, especially something of the meat variety, that this would have a pet, like a dog, Silva tasting and watching your every move, right? Wrong!  While the act of cooking a meal and the smells could be enticing, it tends to be the sounds that are made in a kitchen environment that can strike fear into your animals and have them acting rather strange. For example, if your kitchen gets too smokey and the alarm goes off, then you do have the worry of the loud noise that can really irritate a dog’s ears. Many animals have a sensitive spectrum of hearing, and so other sounds in the kitchen such as a sizzling pan, the oven or even the sound of a knife chopping can irritate instead of enticing. Finally, while we may be making a nice meal full of flavor and adding spices and other aromatics, like garlic into a pan, these sorts of smells can cause havoc with your animals. Again, down to the level of sensitivity they have.

How animals are affected by the solar eclipse

Animals can be affected by many different things, the weather and outdoor environment are one of the key things that can cause them to act strangely. Thunderstormsq and even a solar eclipse can make your pet act a little loopy. It is to do with the environment and it can make your pet feel uneasy, so keeping them calm is essential.

The living creatures on their body causing them havoc

Did you know that there are ticks and fleas causing havoc to your pets fur and skin on an almost daily basis? These things are all relatively normal but actually can cause major problems if not treated. There is some useful info online to help decide the best cause of treatment. Failure to keep these things at bay can cause your pets to scratch and be irritated by them, which may lead on to further health issues.

The surprising things that could poison your pet

There are a number of foods that we enjoy as humans that can actually have a detrimental effect on your pets. Chocolate, for example, is actually poisonous to animals like dogs, however, seen as a huge treat for us. However, it isn’t just the food that could be a problem, things like houseplants could also be poisonous, as well as grapes, raisins, coins, and bread dough. Often these things can be within easy reach of your pets, so try and be mindful of what is good and what isn’t.

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A sudden fear of some normal household technology

Much like when you cook the sounds can cause irritation to your pets, household technology can have the same effect. An unusual beep, a sound when someone least expects like when a washing machine has completed its cycle, it can cause your pet to fear that appliance or item in the home. It is different and unpredictable. It can gauge reaction or behavior like it can with you as a human. You may find that pets that you have rehomed may be more upset by things like this as they are a little more sensitive and vulnerable to their new surroundings.

Shying away from standard bugs or insects

You would think pets would have the upper hand on insects and bugs, given their size and all, but actually, they can become fearful. There are insects and bugs like bees that sting, which means that if an animal is caught by one of them, the fear of the pain could be what causes them to develop a general fear. Other things that some insects and bugs have an advantage would be the speed they have. Of course, this is so that they can get away from potential predators, but actually, the level of speed can make animals like cats or dogs very wary of them.

Some animals don’t like being in the company of other people

Finally, would you believe that one of the biggest fears that your pet can have is the fear of being in the company of other people? Surprising really, as you expect certain pets like cats and dogs to want to be close to others because of the attention and affection they could receive in return. But actually, it is that fear of the unknowns. Your pet will look to you for guidance on the situation and how they feel. They will want some reassurance from your behavior so that they understand that they are in a safe environment. This may also become evident if you rehome a pet. What you may not understand is that your new pet may have had a difficult experience previously with their last owner. Perhaps neglect or reacting in a loud or violent way to certain behavior. The pet could then associate certain situations with their past experience, causing them to be fearful of others or even you. It is a strange way to live, but actually many pets are clever and have the capability to remember or at least relate to circumstances they have faced before.

I hope that this has made you more aware of some of the strange things that can affect your pet.