Setting Up Your Child For Future Health Habits

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We all keep residual habits from our childhood. If you’re an organized and tidy person, it’s likely that this has been ingrained in you since you were little. If you are highly disciplined, it’s likely you adhered to a strict schedule when you were younger. While it’s not one hundred percent accurate, and people learn new habits and schedules as they go through life, it is true to assume that much of our personality emanates from when we were children. For this reason, it’s important to know the importance of raising our kids properly. This doesn’t mean lording over them in the most minor of circumstances. After all, children do need to grow at their own pace and with their own direction. However, the most important fundamentals do matter.

When it comes to health, this is resoundingly true. Setting up positive health habits for your child to follow can be intrinsically important, and if executed in the right way could help them tremendously long-term.

Here’s how:

Make Regular Schedules

Routine and schedules are both very important for children to follow. This is because children thrive in regularity and security. The best way to stop your child from unhealthy sleeping habits is to define a bedtime they stick to. With that in mind, ensuring they brush their teeth and show at the same time every day will enable it to become a regular habit. It will synchronize with their circadian rhythm, and this offers benefits that are quite obvious to see. While a child might not rationalize that ‘now is 7.00pm and I must brush my teeth,’ subconsciously and physically they will understand that this is something to attend to. This will stay with them as they get older.

Healthy Relationships

It’s important for a child to develop healthy relationships with medical personnel. This is because they will, at some point or another, require a form of a hospital or medical visit. Ensuring they understand that these people are not to be feared is achieved by simply exposing them to those environments when needed. It’s to enroll them in affordable dental care program that takes children into account. It’s to ensure they visit good pediatricians and ensure that regularity is part of their childhood. Developing healthy relationships with the medical world gives your child lifelong confidence to visit these services when needed.


Praise your child. When they brush their teeth well and wash their face, allow them to feel accomplished in a job well done. While adults consider this to be a normal daily occurrence, children require love and support to make this so. You want them to become as positively associated with these habits as you can, so allowing them some time to complete this on their own and then making them feel amazing for doing so will help them carry those habits into adulthood.

This might mean completing certain hygiene habits such as brushing teeth alongside them with some fun music playing. It might mean allowing them to bring toys into the bathtub. There are many things you can do to create positive emotions, and your role as a parent is to find and craft as many as you can.

With this advice in mind, your child will likely enjoy a long-term and responsible attitude towards their health maintenance.