Welcome Home Daddy!

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I went to visit and hang out with my Dad today at the hospital. While I was there, the surgeon came by to check on him. I had to laugh though because Mom tried multiple times to catch him with no success, and I wasn’t there for more than 10 minutes, and he made an appearance.

Dad talked to the surgeon and learned he couldn’t have more than 2 liters of fluid/day, including food! Then Dad asked when he could go home; surgeon says “tomorrow.” Dad responded with “How about today?” The doctor thought and finally agreed, so my Daddy is coming home today!

He was in remarkable spirits, both before and after the physician approved his early release; laughing, cracking jokes, easy to be around.
Then he asked me to take a walk with him (he has to do a lot of walking from now on), granted I was his only option besides a nurse but still! He hardly ever asks me to do stuff with him. He even called me his ‘dance partner,’ which was just as cool.

I love you, Daddy! (Love, Boo)

Welcome home!