Please send thoughts and prayers to my Dad

My Dad had a massive heart attack yesterday afternoon. We were lucky because my Mom was with him and they (she and my kid brother) caught it early, called 911 right away, and the Paramedics took him to the best hospital for heart care.

Once in the Emergency Room, he had an emergency heart cath. They found the location of his heart attack and 3 or 4 other arteries with major blockages. The ER Cardiologist told us that had my Dad come in clammy to any other hospital things likely would have been very different. He also said, “God didn’t want him today.”

I was able to see him for about a split second before they took him to the Cardiac Care Unit. Once they had him settled there Mom, Zach and I were able to go back and see him. He was medicated the moon and back but was doing okay.

Later this morning he will be having a minimum of a quadruple bypass, possibly a quintuple (is that a word?!) bypass. His surgery is bright and early so while Rob and I will get them ready, his Mom will be taking them to school so that Rob and I can head straight over to the hospital.

Finally, I want to ask y’all a small favor which would mean the world to my family.

Any thoughts and/or prayers you can spare for my Dad would be so appreciated.

One thought on “Please send thoughts and prayers to my Dad

  1. Becky Wiren

    Bless your dad and you and your family too. It sounds like he has really competent medical care which is a great thing.

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