Comments Off on Mine!

There has been an ongoing battle between Cleo Marie and Blue for possession of the various objects around the house, specifically the tables in the living room. Allow me a moment to explain, cats have these scent glands all over their body, the ones I’ll be focusing on are the glands in their faces and paws.
We have these TV trays in our living room; some are for homework, some hold stuff and others hold important papers to be dealt with and my drink. Anywho, we used to joke that Cleo Marie and Blue would battle over possession of the tables because every night Cleo would make her nightly rounds of putting her scent on each table with her paws, thereby ‘claiming’ them. Then Blue would come through and do the same only his method was to rub his face on the tables.

Round and round they would go, staking their claim.

I completely forgot they would ‘play’ this little game with one another, until tonight. Blue came through and claimed all the tables for himself, until that moment, I forgot that everything is now his; there isn’t anyone to challenge his ‘claim,’ he owns everything now.