I hate…

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I hate…


…that I’m mentally ill.

…that I have bipolar disorder.

…falling down the rabbit hole.

…that self harm exists.

…knowing about it.

…being weak enough to cave in and self harm.

…being physically ill.

…expecting more from Rob than he has to give. 

…knowing all these things are part of who I am. 

…most of all, I hate myself. 

One thought on “I hate…

  1. dotdash

    Hang in there. None of what you have written means you have less worth than any other human being. Hating yourself? That’s a symptom; it doesn’t mean anything other than you are suffering. You are a strong person and you have gotten out of other holes, you can get out of this particular hole too. Get some help, give it some time, go easy on yourself. We are none of us perfect. All we can do is struggle forward. You can do it.

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