From Date Night to Fight Night ending with a Night Light

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My parents were kind enough to take the Boys overnight until our baby cousin’s 1st birthday party tomorrow evening. We all know how I love my respite nights, which nearly always seem to go up in flames in some way shape or form. Tonight wasn’t any different, except this time we rescued it with the craziest thing.

I honestly couldn’t tell you what we were fighting about, although I’m sure Rob could because he has a memory, me, not so much. I do know it had to do with me taking something one way when Rob meant it another, which was different from a “misunderstanding”. <lol> We fought for hours over what I’m sure amounted to some stupid little thing.

Finally, I decided that I wanted to grab something to eat, or rather, my stomach decided for me, either way. So off we went, in search of McDonald’s, going the wrong way. The location we typically go to burnt down months ago. Now they are rapidly rebuilding, but they certainly aren’t anywhere near being finished. One, perfectly legal, 180° turn later and we were on our way. The craziest thing kept happening while we were driving. One of those lights which are in the rear view mirror kept flickering for no discernable reason. It was the craziest thing and drove us both mad because we couldn’t figure out what was causing it to flash.

Once we were home, flickering light and all, Rob and I sat down to watch the Underworld series, starting from the first movie and right on to the fifth. We had a lot of fun, and I’m grateful that we were able to salvage the evening because the last thing I wanted was to waste the time we had to unwind.