DBT Day 5: My Realization

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I always go to the building where my DBT class is held at least an hour early. I finish my homework, and I mess around on the internet. Lately, I’ve been working on the genealogy of my families – my adoptive family, biological, Rob’s – a lot of people. I have something like 100+ tips left to sort through.

So this morning I was talking with one my classmates. My classmate mentioned they do a lot of journaling, multiple times a day if they feel the need. I explained how I journaled from the age of 8, but now I write a blog instead, he seemed rather irritated when I told him this, but moving on.

That’s when the idea struck me that I should be blogging, every day. No matter the nonsense in my head. The whole point is to simply get it out of my head, which in theory, to me, means I won’t’ be so consumed by it, here’s hoping anyway.