I was Improving

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Not to be a Debbie Downer. My update isn’t what I hoped to tell you. 

I was starting to pull it together. Rob says I appear to be doing better from the outside. On the inside I still feel like I’m falling apart. 

I was starting to gain footing and the strength to fight the black hole. I was even slowly beginning to gain ground. Then everything fell apart. 

I found myself in a situation I wasn’t able to handle. I knew I couldn’t handle it before it happened. I also knew it was going to happen moments before it did. Even though I begged for it to not happen. I begged. It happened anyway. 

I broke. 

Now I’m getting sucked back into the black hole. The difference this time is that rather than being say 100 yards away from the black hole and fighting it; now I’m 50 yards away and fighting it. 

I’m so tired.

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