The Ear Infection Antibiotics Couldn’t Kill

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Sorry I’ve been MIA again. It’s been a crazy month for a few different reasons. I’ll go into some of it when I’m ready, but not now. For now I’d like to focus on Mr. Emmett John. He’s turned 1! (I have pictures and video that I will be sure to post – as soon as I find them.) And he’s been sick. You’re surprised, I know. But this is crazy even by Emmett John standards.

About a month or so ago, I took him in to see Dr. M because Emmett John had been super fussy and grumpy. Totally inconsolible. Picking at his food. He didn’t want to drink. Wouldn’t sleep. Completely not himself. He didn’t have a fever or anything. But there was clearly something off. So away to see the pediatrician we went…completely expecting to find nothing.


Turns out that Emmett John had a horrible, bright red ear infection in his left ear. He just happens to be one of those kids who doesn’t have any signs of an infection (fever etc). So Dr. M gave us a prescription for the pink “bubblegum” medicine (that I can’t remember the name right now). He took that for 10 days. About 4 days after he finished that he was still Super Grump. So I called them back. (This was last Wednesday.) Guess what happened then?

Yup. Away we went to see Dr. M again. He checks. Again expecting to find nothing but an over-protective mommy. Wrong again. Now he’s got a nasty, bright red ear infection in his right ear. Again, he didn’t have a fever. He was just a grump who wasn’t sleeping, eating, drinking etc. So we left that appointment with a prescription for Omnicef. Believing that it would clear up the infection and when we returned today all would be right with the world.

Wrong again!

We saw Dr. M again this morning bright and early at 8:45am. I was hoping against hope that he would find no more infection. Even though I knew that his behavior was indicative of his ear infection still hanging around. I was right. Dr. M checked and his right ear is still bright red and inflamed. Now Mr. Emmett John is on Augmentin, which is the last and strongest medication they are willing to try. If this doesn’t work, when we see Dr. KR on July 29th for his continued hoarseness we will also discuss having tubes placed in his ears. šŸ™

We go see Dr. H next Wednesday to see if the Augmentin has worked. We would see Dr. M again except he will be on vacation, lucky guy. So while it’s a small thing, in the great big scheme of things, if you could pray that his ear infection clears up in the next week. I would really appreciate it.