Twitterisms at 1:30am

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Elliott Richard came into our room about an hour ago convinced that it was time to get up. Here are some snippetts of the conversation Rob and I had with him…well, what I can remember at least.

Elliott Richard: It’s morning day!
Daddy: No, it’s definitely not.
Elliott Richard: There was a bug in mine room. I don’t eat bugs. Sometimes I eat hair but not cause I want to.
Daddy: Okay, thanks for that update.
Elliott Richard: Ew. Did you fell (smell) that?
Daddy: No.
Elliott Richard: Something fells (smells) funny, Daddy. Fell it. (Smell it.)
Daddy: (getting out of bed and leading Elliott Richard back to his bed) No thanks Elliott Richard. Let’s go. It’s time to go back to sleep.
Elliott Richard: No! It’s only 9-up-up o’clock! It’s to early to go to fleep (sleep)!
Daddy: Now you are just making up time to try and stay out of bed. Let’s go…
Elliott Richard: No I not! Look it’s 9-up-up-30 Daddy! It’s not time for bed! See? See? See?!

Aren’t 3 year olds wonderful? Now I’m sitting here, in Elliott Richard’s room, waiting for him to fall asleep. I’m working on a post about what the past week has been like – it’s a doozy of a post for a doozy of a week – and the child.just.won’t.sleep! It’s now 2:50am we’ve been trying since 1:30am to get him to go back to sleep. Someone shoot me. Please?