Google It!

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who is the actress in the cherrios commerical (Google) ~ I have no idea but I’m fairly certain you won’t find her here.
i got excema from eating cheerios (Google) ~ Holy cow! I figured Cheerios were one of the blandest foods available. Sorry to hear about your luck.
i believe in faith has brought us here (Google) ~ Some days I feel this way. Some days I feel all out of faith. I’m not sure which of those days today is.
karate in 2009 (Google) ~ That would be true of Gavin.
mommy sado (Google) ~ I am not the sado! Mr. Emmett John is the sado.
confessions cheerio box (Google) ~ I think this is me…maybe…then again, maybe not. (Google) ~ This is definitely me. 🙂
cheereo side effects (Google) ~ I may actually have to Google this myself because I’m intrigued.
torture sado (Google) ~ This would be Mr. Emmett John again.
cherrio confessions (Google) ~ Yup, definitely me again.
interesting m&m facts (Google) ~ Probably not what you were looking for. I wasn’t referring to the candy. I was talking about my Mini-Miracles (M&M’s).
sado story (Google) ~ Again, probably not what you were looking for…
cheerios smelly fart (Google) ~ lmao…that’s all I’ve got…
london mccalling (Google) ~ Exploring Holland or the blog formerly known as London McCalling.
fun facts about m&m (Yahoo) ~ Again just random fun facts about my babies, not candy.
autism signs 6 weeks old (Yahoo) ~ I don’t think I even knew what Autism was when Gavin was 6 weeks old.
freesealpoint kittens (Google) ~ Ah yes, the Twins. I miss them. I pray everyday that they have a better life where ever they ended up.
razor blade torture (Google) ~ Um…Emmett John is skilled in many types of sado masochistic torture, however, he’s never been known to use razor blades! He kind of lacks the fine motor skills for that. Geez.
cheerios commercial – brother and sister (Google) ~ I have a brother, Zach. He’s graduating from high school today.
torture specialist (Google) ~ Hello Mr. Emmett John!
sado-masochistic (Google) ~ Mr. Emmett John again.
what is sadomasochistic torture (Google) ~ Ask Emmett John. He was born knowing the definition. It’s quite disturbing really.
sado masochism tylenol (Google) ~ Wow. Tylenol is really branching out aren’t they?
block castles (Google) ~ This is a reference to Gavin.
cheerios commercial moving house (Google) ~ A moving house, huh? Yeah, this could very easily be a reference to Gavin as well.