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I am having one of those days. Mothers of small children everywhere just shuttered…collectively. Did you feel it?

They all shuttered because they feel my pain. What pain you ask? Allow me to lay it out for you:

The pain of a 10m old who has a diaper rash that, at this point, I’m pretty sure came from Hell. Dr. H said on Monday that he was “almost certain it’s a strep diaper rash, which is incrediblly painful”. It isn’t. It also is taking forever to respond to both the prescription strength diaper cream and pinxav (pronounced Pink Salve).

This pain is very different from the pain of cutting both top…what are those…eye teeth (?) next to the top front teeth?! Yeah, whatever those are, he’s cutting both top ones at the same time. When he teethes, he grates his teeth while he nurses. I’m bleeding. Enough said on this matter.

You add to those pains the pain of Gavin being home from school all day today because of a Teacher-in-Service-Day. I declare Shenanigans! There are a mere 9 days left of school…again I say, Enough said and Shenanigans!

Then there’s the pain of Elliott Richard, who is 3 years old. If this needs further explanation please see this post.

Aside from all of those I’m just in pain in general. S.S.D.D. (Same Stuff Different Day) I’ve got a raging migraine (I know you’re shocked). And my back is killing me right over my left kidney, whether or not it actually is my kidney remains to be seen. If I don’t move (yeah, right) and drink my body weight in water, the pain isn’t too bad.

Are we having fun yet? 😉 lol