Google It

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Cheerios commercial – Brother and sister (Google) ~ I’ve got the brothers covered in my house but you have to go three doors down if you want to find the closest sister. 🙂
torture specialist (Google) ~ I definitely have one of those in the making.
sado-masochistic (Google) ~ See above.
sado (Google) ~ See both above.
what is sadomasochistic torture (Google) ~ It’s what my youngest has decided to study during his infancy.
sado masochism tylenol (Google) ~ I’m not going to lie, this search confuses me. Are you taking the Tylenol because of the sado-masochism?
block castles (Google) ~ That is how I view things with Gavin much of the time.
cheerios commercial+moving house (Google) ~ The searches for the Cheerios commercial are finally dying down.
trileptal accidental dose (Yahoo) ~ Again, I’m sorry that this happened to you as well. At the same time, I’m once again comforted by the fact that I’m not the only parent to have done it.
the boys karate (Google) ~ That’s my Gavin-man.