It’s a Whole New World Emmett John

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This is Mr. Emmett John’s first tubby sitting up like a big boy. He’s been able to sit up for months but it just never occurred to me to switch from the recline tubby to the sitting up tubby until now. (I’m a slacker mom I know. lol)

My babies seem to have a thing for ducks. I’m not sure why. I love the expression on his face in this shot though (Yes, I know I say that a lot. It’s always true, if that helps.) it just screams, “Uh Mom, something is very wrong with this tubby. Are you sure you’re doing this right?!”

Yes, he’s holding what it looks like he’s holding. What can I say, he’s all boy. lol As you can see, he’s decided that a) perhaps I do know what I’m doing after all and b) maybe this sitting up tubby isn’t quite so bad after all.

Just playing with the wash cloths and the duckie. I was lucky to keep him from being buried (quite literally) in tubby toys by a “very helpful” Elliott Richard.

All clean!