A Little Bit of Elliott Richard Randomness

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Just a silly little 3 year old boy with his shirt stuck on his head. It’s a little blurry because he was giggling so hard he couldn’t sit still for the picture. 🙂

Elliott Richard with my cousin, Olivia’s puppy (she’s full grown dog by now) Lilah. It was actually seeing him with Lilah that sparked the idea of “maybe we should get a dog” in me.

Daddy with his Spidey. He wore that suit for about 2.5 seconds just long enough to snap a picture before he took it off. 🙂

Daddy and Elliott Richard

Yes, Elliott Richard is laying on Rob’s head. Although I’m *pretty sure* he wasn’t asleep at the time…just being a silly kid. 🙂

This is Elliott Richard’s first ride in one of those rides at the mall. He’s always been fascinated by them but everytime we’ve offered a ride he’s played it cool and walked off. So blurry or not I had to catch a picture of him on this one…in case he never rides again. lol