A few new Twitter-isms

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I *love* Simply Lemonade. It’s actually sour and has pulp – yum. Well, Elliott Richard asked for some today so I shared. After he had finished his lemonade he had this to tell me:

Elliott Richard: Mommy, I really like your’s lemonade.
Me: I’m glad baby.
ER: Yup, it’s good fuzzy lemonade.
(Apparently, pulp is fuzzy. lol)

Then Trisha and I were sitting and watching television and she asked Elliott Richard for a diaper because his was “soggy”. I gave her a diaper. Elliott Richard jumps off the couch, takes off the soggy diaper, leaves it on the floor, runs into Rob’s office and pees on the floor. At this point Trisha told him that tomorrow she will take him to the store and buy him big boy undies. She even offered to buy him boxer shorts if he wanted. At this point he decided he wanted “boxers shorts”. We’ve now learned that “boxers shorts” aren’t actually boxer shorts. To Elliott Richard they are boxES of shorts.