The First Week of 2009

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As the first full week of 2009 slowly but surely comes to a close, I find myself praying that the next 51 weeks improve. lol

It’s not that it’s been a bad week perse. Just busy.

Monday was spent running around. Farmer’s Market. Grocery store. All on a doughnut because our tire blew – thank you careless roofing guys. Tuesday was spent doing more running around. An appointment for me. An appointment for Gavin. Today was calmer, I suppose. Emmett John had his 6 month well-baby checkup at 12noon. We didn’t get out of there until 2pm. Home at about 2:30pm. Then off to pick-up Gavin and home again. Then tomorrow I’ve got an appointment. Rob has an appointment. Then Gavin has 2 appointments. My plan for Friday is simple. Up. Gavin to school. Bloodwork done. Gavin home. Done.

On to the good stuff…Mr. Emmett John’s 6 month well-baby checkup. 🙂

Weight: 19lb. 3oz.
Length: 28in.
Head circ: 44cm.
Vaccines: Rotovirus, Flu, DTaP, Prevnar

Dr. H and I talked about a lot of things. Emmett John has horrible excema on the backs of both his legs and a small patch between his eyebrows. He said the excema itself isn’t a concern but the fact that as soon as you uncover Emmett John’s legs his hands fly down there and he starts scratching like crazy. His legs look like he tried to kick a cat and lost, horribly. I’ve been trying to treat it with the Johnsons & Johnsons pink “new baby smell” lotion but it’s only gotten us so far. Dr. H wants us to stop using all of the “baby friendly” J&J products because they have dyes and scents in them that make the excema worse. We have to switch him to Dove Sensitive Skin but not use it on his hair. (Dr. H said that with the peach fuzz Emmett John has a damp cloth should be good enough. lol) There is also a new lotion he wants us to use and if that doesn’t help get rid of the rest of it then we are to switch to a 1% hydrocortisone cream. Hopefully it won’t come to that.

We have been given the okay to switch to the “big boy” carseat. I will miss the convenience of the carrier but he’s passed the length limit and rapidly closing in on the weight limit. My only concern with the switch is whether or not the new carseat will fit in the back of the car with Elliott Richard’s carseat. I wish we had a van. 🙁

We also formulated a plan of attack for the milk-free diet and the Prevacid. When Emmett John is 8 months old I am allowed to try something with a tiny bit of milk in it. If Emmett John handles it okay, then I’m allowed to begin slowly re-introducing milk back into my diet. If he wakes up at 3am the morning after I eat it, then I have to go back to milk-free. Honestly, I’ll be surprised if he handles it okay. You never know, I guess. Then at 9 months I am supposed to “skip” a dose of his Prevacid one morning. If he does okay without it then we are supposed to stop giving it to him. If he is a great big “bundle of fuss and grump” then he wants us to keep giving it to him.

Then of course he got his vaccines, which he was less than thrilled with. He handled them like a trooper though. I think he’s angrier that his legs are held down than over the shots themselves. The nurse who gave him the shots is in love with him and seeks him out to say “Hi” everytime she sees him on the patient list. 🙂 I just love her. (Wish I could remember her name but it escapes me at the moment. I plead sleep deprivation.) After she gave him his shots we had an interesting conversation about all the young, new moms coming in and refusing vaccines. But that’s another post.

He’s been doing really well today. Except for the fact that I decided in my infinite mommy wisdom to try Mr. Emmett John on green beans for the first time. About an hour or so after eating, he projectile vommitted all over me, himself and the couch. So now we are going to wait 4-5 days (per Dr. H) and try the green beans again. If he doesn’t puke, then it’s probably the combination of the vaccines and green beans that just didn’t sit well. If he does puke, then at least green beans are loads easier to avoid then milk. 🙂