It’s one of those days

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I’m exhausted. I took a crappy nappy with Emmett John this afternoon. It didn’t help. I had hoped it would at least help with the raging sleep deprivation migraine I’ve got going on. No dice.

Then Elliott Richard and I were eating my organic Emmett John Friendly Oreo-type cookies. He had the cutest little mustashe and gotee going on. I just had to take pictures. So I grab the camera and crouch down to get on Elliott Richard’s level. As I’m crouching a stabbing pain shoots through my right knee and then my knee gave out. I fell backwards. The camera went flying.

Now my knee is all screwed up, again. (It had just started to heal from me screwing it up the night we got Abby.) And the camera is broken. I can’t believe I broke it 4 days before Mr. Emmett John’s First Christmas! *sigh*