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I feel…unsettled. Like I want to blog but don’t know what to say. I want to draw but don’t know what to draw. You get the idea. I’ve been working on the whole thing but I’ve hit a wall. My sister, Trisha, and I have been working to try and untangle our family tree without a whole lot of success. It’s almost as if her maternal great-grandparents didn’t exist. (I say her’s and not our’s because genetically they are our’s, however, I wasn’t raised with any emotional connection to them so to me they feel more like her’s.) I can’t even find evidence that her maternal grandmother’s maiden name existed, ever. It’s crazy. It’s been nice working together with her on this project though. Plus I’ve been able to harass and stalk her (I use those terms affectionately of course.) while we work on it. After all, what good is a little sister if she isn’t being annoying? (lol)