The Mob

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No. No. No. Not that mob. I’m referring to the lynch mob that hunted me down at Gavin’s school yesterday. Apparently, I’ve been missed. And I promised a post. So here it is. Please remember I promised a post. Not an award winning novel. What can I say, I’m exhausted!

So here’s the run down:

  • Emmett John now weighes 18lb 8oz.
  • He is 27.5 in long, which means he grew .75 inch in a month!
  • Gavin is holding steady with some pretty major meltdowns. He even threatened Rob one day and Elliott Richard the other. Not cool.
  • I have blown out my right knee, which wasn’t difficult since I blew it out 15 years ago in gymnastics. I keep debating calling the doctor.
  • Elliott Richard is just as cute and sweet as ever. No real change there.
  • Emmett John saw the ENT doctor. He scoped Emmett’s throat and determined that the hoarsness is from the reflux. The scope seems to have flipped a switch in Mr. Emmett John though because he hasn’t shut up since the appointment. lol (As I write this, he is in his swing talk and squealing his head off.)
  • We’ve all been sick, except for Gavin, for the last month. We just keep passing it around. Right now is Rob’s turn.
  • In an attempt to work through my identity crisis I have been living on Rob even got me a one month subscription for Christmas so I can continue my work. I’ve tracked some of my ancestors back to the 1500’s! Pretty cool. Very satisfying. Very addicting.
  • And to wrap up my quick update in an attempt to hold off the mob, we got a dog. Yes, I know. This makes me certifiably insane. However, in my defense, we rescued a 2 year old dog. She’s housebroken, knows most of the basic commands, is great with the kids and in my oppinion, absolutely adorable. Her name is Abby after my favorite character on NCIS. (Yes, I’m an NCIS nerd.)

And now my M&M’s are calling/screaming for me. As are my dishes. So I am off.