13 Things I Miss Most Since Going Dairy Free

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Thirteen Things I Miss Most Since Going Dairy Free

1…. Cheese! I love cheese. I love cheese on foods, with foods or alone. I miss Farmer’s cheese, Extra Sharp Cheddar cheese, Brie…you get the idea.

2…. Cheesecake! This may sound very similar to #1 but in fact it is very different and deserving of it’s own spot. I love me some cheesecake! If you dare to doubt my love for cheesecake…well, shame on you!

3…. Sour cream! I put sour cream on almost as many foods as I pair cheese with. Tacos. French fries. Baked potatoes. I have been known to revolve my menu around what I can make to put sour cream on.

4…. Ice cream! Now the rice milk ice cream is nice. It’s actually very good. However, there are only a few flavors. I miss mint chocolate chip and peanut butter-chocolate, just to name a few.

5…. Milk shakes! Again very similar to #4 but totally different and worthy of it’s only slot. Sheetz has these frozen milk shake things that you put in their little mixer machine thing. You can decide between “thick” and “extra thick”. I love them! They are the best milk shakes around and I miss them.

6…. Cake! I would about kill for a huge piece of ooey gooey chocolate cake with super thick chocolate icing right now. I’m just saying.

7…. Cookies! It is now officially Christmas Season and there will be Christmas cookies every where. I will not be partaking in any of them. πŸ™

8…. Doughnuts! Rob offered to go get doughnuts for breakfast the other day. I was thrilled until I remembered I couldn’t have them. We had eggs instead…so not the same.

9…. McDonald’s French Fries! Did you know that they treat these delectable little snacks with some sort of milk derivative? Yup. In fact, most of McDonald’s foods are treated with this same (or similar) product making my absolutely favorite fast food place a no go. πŸ™

10…. Not having to read every label I come across. Okay, so this isn’t a food that I miss but it is something I miss most since going dairy free. So in my book, it counts. Plus it’s my blog and I’ll list what I want to! :p (lol)

11…. Brownies! Ooey gooey double chocolate brownies….mmmmmmm…

12…. Pizza! It kills me to watch everyone else eating pizza. Probably more than anything else simply because no one likes cheesecake around here except me. Oh how I miss pizza.

13…. Cheesecake! Hey, it’s my list and I’ll list it twice if I want to!

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