Tales of Strings and Things

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I know y'all are dying to know the news on the Gavin front. I apologize for not posting this sooner. It's been a crazy week and I have been beyond exhausted.

Dr. H's office called me bright and early on Tuesday (last Tuesday the 18th – Yes, I've keen working on this post for that long. lol). Gavin's x-rays were clean and clear. They didn't show any lumps, masses or balls of string in his stomach. At least none that were showing on the x-rays, which is awesome. Dr. H said that he's not really concerned with it being a serious health issue, as far as it being a threat to his life and well-being. So for now he wants us to keep an eye on him. If Gavin develops projectile vomiting, a severe stomach ache or develops issues going to the bathroom we are to call him ASAP because those are signs and symptoms of a bowel obstruction. So far we are doing well. He's still eating his blanket, which isn't what we would like in a perfect world, but for now it is what it is. At least until we can figure it out and figure out how to stop it. So for now we will watch him and pray that it stays status quo.

Other than the Pica, things with Gavin have been…well, things with Gavin. A daily roller coaster ride that never stays the same from one moment to the next.

Monday I spent the day at school working with some of the other moms to prepare a Thanksgiving feast for the students. It was a huge success! And now Thanksgiving break has started. Making today Day 3 with Gavin home. In the grand scheme of things, in the land of living with Gavin, has it been the worst we've ever had? No, not by a long shot. It was just one more trying and exhausting day after another in a long line of trying and exhausting days. Complete with a very dramatic, loud and public meltdown at Patty's office. He kicked, screamed, punched and threw things. All of which probably sounded like we were trying to kill him to an outsider. Fun was had by all, can't you tell?