Today’s Twitter-isms

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I needed some pajamas to wear. Daddy offered his pajama pants and t-shirt. What wife can refuse her hubby’s comfiest clothes? (lol) So I am wearing Daddy’s comfy pajama pants and t-shirt. Elliott Richard is less than pleased with this arrangement.

Elliott Richard: Mommy, dose are Daddy’s pants!

Mommy: Yes, they are.

ER: Take dem off!

M: Daddy said I could wear them.

ER: No! Take dem OFF!

M: Daddy, can I wear your pants?

Daddy: Yes, Mommy.

ER: Daddy, you wear Mommy’s pants too?

Daddy has an XBox 360. On his 360 he has what Microsoft calls “Arcade Games”, which are games that you can purchase on the XBox Live network and download. Elliott Richard is obsessed with one called “Marble Blast” where you control a marble and have to navigate through these courses. Unfortunately, Daddy was working on the computer. This is the conversation that followed:

Elliott Richard: I play Marble Bast?

Daddy: After Daddy is finished working.

ER: I know! I play Marble Bast. *points right index finger to the sky* Perfect idea!