Happy Hump Day!

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It’s Wednesday, the week is officially half over. So let’s do a quickie…a quick loose-end wrap up that is. 😉 lol

I can’t wait for the weekend to get here. I love Friday to Monday because we don’t have any appointments. Then between Tuesday to Thursday we are hammered! So I live for the weekends. (lol) Next week is Thanksgiving break at school. They only have school on Monday, which I will spend at school helping to cook Thanksgiving dinner for the students for lunch. So it’s likely going to be a long week next week.

I’m thrilled to inform you that the Twins are both officially healthy again! I spent Monday morning scrubbing our Mudroom and making it fit for a sick kitty. So Cosmo had his own apartment for a while complete with room service! (lol) I got his pad all decked out for him and then Gavin and I stopped by the local chinese restaurant on our way home from school to pick up a pint of plain white rice. Once he ate that he seemed to make a complete turn around. Now all three of our kitties are back in the general population of the family. 🙂 The added bonus being the complete lack of poo dribbles all over my house. 🙂 (Woo who!)

The bane of our neighborhood existence is now GONE! (Double woo who!) There was a house the was once a part of our neighbor’s Ron and Herman’s house. Then when the city made our street wider they made the owners at the time remove a wing and relocate it. Well, it stood literally 6 feet from our garage. The people who used to live there…well, it was bad. They abused their dogs, which led to many calls to the dog warden and Humane Society from me. They abused each other. (One of our first nights here we had to call the cops because one of the daughters was fighting with her baby-daddy and he was brandishing a gun!) It was just a nasty situation. They were foreclosed on a few years ago. Then an attorney bought the house and left it empty. Well, transients were sleeping in it and it then someone has been setting empty houses fires lately, so we finally got the city to agree to destroy it. Yesterday while Gavin, Emmett John, Grandma G and I were with Dr. H the city finally came in and started the demo. They are wrapping up today, which is awesome! If someone had set fire to the house it was so close to ours that we wouldn’t have stood a chance. It’s kind of freaky though because they are breaking up the foundation and a concrete slab on the back of the lot next door so our house keeps shaking. It feels like they are nudging our house with the construction equipment. Rob took some video for me so I’ll have to pick one and post it later. 🙂

I thought I had more to update on but I can’t remember anymore right now. I still haven’t heard from Dr. H’s office but I will be sure to update when I do. I think I’m going to go lay down now…Mr. Emmett John got sick this morning and I’m feeling pretty nauseous myself. Ick.