Does this xray make me look fat?

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Dr. H came in with a med student. We talked. He cracked jokes about how my kids are on “very short list” of super difficult cases. (lol) He said hi to Mr. Emmett John. Then he checked out Gavin. Dr. H said his tummy felt fine. He sent us downstairs for the x-ray. If the x-ray doesn’t show anything, then we’ll keep an eye on him and report back if there’s any change (ie. Vomitting, stomach ache, potty issues etc). If the x-ray does show something, well then the ride will get a whole lot bumpier and grumpier. Dr. H said we would form a plan of attack then if need be. So x-ray today. Phone call from Dr. H with the results tomorrow.

Hopefully Gavin does okay in the x-ray. I’ll be sure to let y’all know.