Oy Vay!

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Okay, so we met with Dr. R yesterday. We have opted at this time to not try another Bi-Polar medication because we want to be sure the dust has settled from the Trileptal reaction. However, he is now thinking that while Gavin’s official diagnosis is Asperger’s, which is a high functioning form of Autism, Dr. R feels that he is now moving up and down the Autistic Spectrum between varying levels of functionality.

Imagine a bead on a string. The end of the string in your right hand is high functioning Asperger’s. The end of the string in your left hand is the lower functioning Autism. Typically, a child with Autism/Asperger’s will have knots on either side of their bead holding it in place. This does not seem to be the case for Gavin. He seems to move freely between varying levels of functionality. So for the moment we are going to keep him on his current medications and try and just keep him grounded as much as possible. Dr. R wants us to try and interact with him as much as possible, even if all we are doing is playing next to him without any real interaction at all. Hopefully, that will entice him out of his head and back to the higher functioning land of Aspergers.

Overall, Gavin has been doing pretty well lately. We are still having our moments of attitude and back talk, which is so irritating. But for the most part he seems to be making every effort to…not be a rude little snot? (lol) Things could be finally looking up just a bit. Only time will tell.

Let’s see…what else.

So I’ve been reading MckMama’s blog for a while now. I am hooked. I admit it. I follow her on Twitter. I have her blog listed on Viigo. I check from my laptop. Anywho, she calls her children MSC’s, which stands for Many Small Children. I like this. I decided at the pediatrician’s office the other day that I would call my boys M&M’s, which stands for Mini Miracles. I feel I should share this with you so that you will know what the heck I’m talking about if I ever say M&M. I am not referring to the candy. Just my very sweet and kissable Mini Miracles.

Moving right along…

The Twins are sick. Oddly enough, my beloved Cleo is not. Which tells me that Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Dumber have been getting into or gotten into something that is not agreeing with them. If only they could be satisfied with the bowl full of cat food but since they aren’t and since they choose to eat things that cats should probably not eat, they are sick. And by sick, I mean with the runs. They are pooping all over my house! It is gross. It is disgusting. And yet, I can’t seem to do anything more than laugh hysterically while I help Rob clean it up. Okay, I cannot lie, well, actually I can but I choose not to. Honestly, Rob’s been cleaning it up way more than me. However, in my defense, I’m usually caring for an M&M when I spot the poop spots. So we looked up the issue on the web since it really doesn’t warrant a trip for two to the Vet ER. And seriously, we don’t have like $3000 to take them. Well, the web says that they shouldn’t eat for at least 24 hours to give whatever it is that is irritating them a chance to work it’s way out. So we’ve taken the food away and been feeding Cleo while she’s locked in the bathroom. The Twins are less than thrilled with this arrangement. But life sucks. Maybe if they would stop eating bad things they could have a bowl full of food again. But they won’t. So they’re sick. And my house is…well, let’s just not think about that right now.

And last but certainly not least, the paperwork for the adoption has come through! Everything is really official now. I will pick up our copy on Monday from my attorney and then I can drive all over God’s creation and change Gavin’s name. šŸ™‚ Those papers also mean that Gavin will never go to Nick’s or his mother’s again. He will never see them, talk to them, hear from them or generally contact them again – at least while he’s a minor. Whoo woo!

And with that bit of amazing good news, I am going to get Emmett John ready for bed and go catch some zzzzz’s before it’s 4am, which arrives way to fast.