3 random letters

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Dear Neighbor,

I’m sorry that you are ignorant. I don’t know why you feel that paramedics, fire fighters and cops are “a waste of space”. Quite frankly, I don’t care to know. I am curious though, how do you call men and women who may save you, your family or friends lives a “waste of space”? They were in our neighborhood protecting our homes from the fire in the abandoned house and all you could think to do was insult them? That’s classy. Your mother must be proud.

Color Me Impressed

Dear Driver Whom I’ve Never Met,

Accidents happen. I get it. Lord knows I’ve had my fair share. But you hit an animal! You hit and killed someone’s dog, their family pet! He had a collar. You were too busy to stop and notify the family. Choosing in stead to leave him for others to handle. The depths of your compassion for another living creature are astounding.

Not Your Mother but Still Ashamed of the Person You’ve Become

Dear Politicians,

I understand that you want to make a difference in our great country. I commend you for that. I have one small question/request. Would it kill you to just tell the American people something along the lines of, “Hi. My name is *insert your name here*. I am running for *insert name of office you are seeking here*. I believe *list your political beliefs here*. And I want to change our country for the better in the following ways *insert your plans for our country here*.” I honestly don’t care who started it, who slung mud at whom first, it just needs to stop. Seriously. I don’t care who your opponent’s best friend was in high school, college or grad school. I don’t care if he/she egged houses or drank beer (underage) or even *gasp* smoked pot once. I care what he/she thinks about the current state of affairs and what he/she sees for our future. So just knock it off. Please.

Irritated & Concerned American Citizen