13 Things that Make Me Who I Am

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Thirteen Things that Make Me Who I Am
1…. I love to write. Journaling. Creative writing. List writing. Signing my name. Simply the act of writing. I love it and consider it a dying art.
2…. I love the color blue – especially the shade cerulean blue (Look familiar?) Given a choice of colors, I’ll pick pink over all other colors. And I’ll pick blue over pink.
3…. I am creative in just about every thing I do. It’s the only way I know how to be.
4…. I talk way too much. Just not on the phone – I hate talking on the phone unless it’s Rob or my mom and sometimes even then.
5…. I am fiercely loyal to those I love. I may not always show it but it’s true. When push comes to shove, I always back my friends and family up. Always.
6…. I don’t tell others’ secrets – ever. The only exception to this rule is if the secret is more harmful if kept than if the right people are told.
7…. Patience may be a virtue but I can assure you that it is not one I happen to possess.
8…. I love to think – about anything, everything and nothing at all. I probably think too much.
9…. I love and prefer actual books and libraries. I don’t read E-books. Period. They don’t smell right – or at all for that matter. They don’t feel right. In fact, to me they are just plain wrong in every sense of the word.
10…. I am very intelligent (so say my doctors, I’m not tooting my own horn here) and I love to learn. My mom once said I was going to be a “professional student” when I grew up. Oh, if only.
11…. I am stubborn. Seriously, mules and rams and all other stubborn animal analogies don’t hold a candle to me. I’m worse than all of them. Just ask Rob.
12…. I am a sentimental “pack rat”. If it had meaning to me or represents something meaningful, I keep it. All my boys have hat boxes for these items and hopefully they will have handmade chests from Pa-Pa G to replace the hat boxes because I am that attached to these physical representations of my cherished memories.
13…. I don’t do anything half way. It’s either all or nothing. I throw myself wholly and completely into absolutely everything I do. This tends to make life far more complicated and exhausting than it truly needs to be but for better or worse, it’s who I am.

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