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Life is a crazy thing.

I sat in the waiting area at the outpatient lab in the hospital with Emmett John this morning. Waiting to register him soi could drop something off (that’s another post). While we sat there and waited, I noticed a few things that touched me in one way or another.

I watched strangers help a 92 year old woman they didn’t know simply because she needed help.

Then I watched an obviously physically and emotionally exhausted father struggle with his 3 or 4 year old son. I chuckled when he told his son he was “more persistent than diarrhea”. (lol) Then I found myself praying when his phone rang and he told the person on the other end that it was highly likely he has liver cancer.

I can’t really explain it but witnessing these two events touched me. I know I’m often over-loaded between home, kids, PTA and other stuff but really, I can’t imagine. I can’t imagine wanting my independence so strongly and yet having to rely on people I’ve never met and likely never see again. Or going to the doctor with my son believing that I’m going for a standard med check to make sure I’m on the correct dose, only to learn that it’s likely I have liver cancer.

They were both so positive, too. She was so appreciative of the help she received. He was so stressed it was etched in the lines of his face, yet he played with his son and joked around with me when Emmett John began screaming.

I only hope that I can handle things as well as they were, should I ever find myself in a similar situation.

**I started this blog on Wednesday October 1st. That’s why it says “today” but applies to events from yesterday. lol***