Not Me Monday

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Okay so MckMama is starting a new thing (it technically started last week), ‘Not Me Mondays’, where every Monday we make a list of things we definitely did not do during the week. Here’s mine for last week and tomorrow.

I did not…keep MckMama’s blog open in IE round the clock so I could keep reading/catching up at every available opportunity.

I did not…give Emmett John his Prevacid an hour late because he actually slept in and I didn’t want to wake him up.

I did not…convince myself that Elliott didn’t skip lunch because he ate some of mine.

I did not…cling to a sleeping Emmett John as if he were a lifepreserver and I a drowning woman just so I could close my own eyes for a little while.

I did not…spend far too long re-organizing my blog tags while I ignored my laundry begging to be folded.

I did not…rewash the same load of clothes 4 times in a row because I keep forgetting (read that: putting off until it’s too late) to switch it to the dryer.

I did not…beg Emmett John to be nicer to Mommy because contrary to whatever he happens to believe, my “nummies” were perfect the way they were…before he tried to nurse pieces off.

I did not…listen to my MP3 player and try desperately to drown out my fussy Emmett John who was on my shoulder while I bounced, rocked, patted, held, kissed and tried in vain to soothe him.

I did not…put off changing Emmett John’s diaper and getting him ready for bed because he’s happy in his bouncy seat and I want to write my “Not Me Monday“.

I did not…record “Tombstone” on the Spanish only channel because I was so distracted trying to set up the recording before Elliott Richard realized I had paused Noggin.

I also did not…laugh until I cried when I figured it out because the words didn’t match their mouths and the only word I could understand was “tombstone”.

Nope, I did not do these things.