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don’t like confessions of a cf husband (Google) ~ Wow. I have no idea how this led you to my blog, unless it’s just the mention of “Confessions of a CF Husband”. (Hi, Nate! lol)
alton brown (Google) ~ I *heart* him! *smitten sigh*
bedrest fathers (Google) ~ Wow. Sorry you’re on this wild ride. Good luck!
gosselins do not need our pity blog (Google) ~ Well, that’s your opinion.
”pops” ” father emmett john” (Google) ~ Look! Someone (apparently a clergyman) has Emmett John’s exact name. 🙂
Confessions of an Ex Wife Beater (Google) ~ No idea why this led you to my blog because we don’t have any wife beaters here – current, ex or otherwise.

(Yes, if you read her blog I stole this from MckMama. Thanks MckMama! lol)