Tiny Bubbles

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Mr. Emmett John had a follow-up appointment with Dr. H this morning. We went to follow-up on the whole apnea roller coaster, as well as to get his 2 months shots. We opted to put off at his 2 month appointment until we figured out the whole apnea thing because we didn’t want to put anymore stress on his body than necessary at that point. So we went. Christine, our lovely nurse, weighed Emmett John. He is now a whopping 14lb! While that’s huge to me he’s slowed down to gaining 1/2 a pound a week rather than nearly a pound and a 1/2. However, I checked Gavin and Elliott Richard’s babybooks and Emmett John is at least 3/4 of an inch longer and at least a pound heavier than both Gavin and Elliott Richard were at this point. Sheer craziness.

Then we saw Dr. H. I told him about the massive increase in Emmett’s foam and how Emmett basically screamed at me all weekend unless I was holding him and walking the floor. We discussed the apnea issues. And in the end we decided that we would see what happens at his appointment with the Apnea Clinic on the 23rd. Increased his Zantac to 1.2mL BID. And then we decided that Emmett would only get 3 of the 5 shots he was supposed to get. He got the Hib, pneumococcal and oral rotovirus vaccines. Then when I take him back in 2 weeks for a Zantac follow-up he will get the final 2 vaccines – polio and something else. Dr. H said that he hated to give Emmett the shots at all because he’ll be so fussy for the next 24 hours or so, which I appreciate. In the end I told him that unfortunately we are used to the fussiness.

Which brings up to where we are right this moment, me typing with one hand while I bounce Emmett John in my left arm (while being careful of his thighs). Elliott Richard and Gavin are in bed. Rob is in the “man cave”. It’s been a long day…did I mention that school was canceled because Ike blew threw Ohio (yes, a hurricane in Ohio) and cut off most of the city’s power? Yeah, that made for a fun day. I pray to God that the night is shorter than the day has been.