What is the purpose of this blog?

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This blog was started as a way for us to document our lives. This has been very therapeutic for us over the years. We are not writing to insight some type of riot or online warfare. We are not asking for anything. We write this for us. However it seems that there are a few ignorant people out there who can’t keep their opinions to themselves. I would like to say that you quite obviously don’t know how to read or you would know that this whole thing goes back 7 years. If you taken the time it took to post your comments and used that time to look back through our posts perhaps you would have realized there are details missing. This post was not meant for you. I was updating the people who have been following us for awhile and are familiar with what has been going on. I clearly said this was the “dime store version”. If you had taken the time to read then you would know that everything that can be done has been done. You would know that the doctors and other professionals that were working for reunification have given up because not everyone likes to play by the rules. And just so you know, there is only one rule, Gavin comes first. You would know that not all families are the same. You erroneously lump everyone together in a very stereotypical fashion. Anyone with a thread of common sense would know that the system is not perfect. People slip through the cracks and yes, believe it or not there is corruption out there. I know that you don’t like to admit that but in reality it is there whether you choose to see it or not. Honestly I don’t even know why I am even dignifying you with a response but you have struck a nerve with me and I will speak my peace.

This blog, while public, is not intended for people like you to post cruel, arrogant and unintelligent responses simply to cause trouble or be hurtful. While we are grateful for you stopping by to peek into our lives we would appreciate it if you would TROLL somewhere else. This is in fact our actual life. I realise that it is difficult to believe but imagine what it is like for us to live it. While you may find this entertaining and an outlet for your obvious agenda we are all living through very difficult times. What we post here is true (believe me, at times I wish it wasn’t)and while you are not privy to all the information, you will just have to accept that.
Did you even entertain the idea that this just may be really happening? Did you even stop to think that if this is really happening what our lives must be like? What Gavin’s life must be like? If what’s happening in our lives makes you that uncomfortable then please don’t read about it.

I am sorry for whatever has happened to you in your life that has made you so angry and judgemental. However, we have done nothing to deserve your thoughtless comments. I quite honestly don’t care whether you believe what you read here or not. We know what the truth is and that’s all that matters. While I don’t know you (anymore then you you know me)I do hope that your comments aren’t a reflection of who you are as a person. I feel sorry for you and I truly hope your life improves and you can find something more fulfilling to do with your time.

We appreciate all the support we have received over the years and thank you all for your continued prayers. I also want to thank those of you that have defended us against these unwarranted attacks. We are proud to call you friends. I have never taken down a blogger comment or one of our posts before but I don’t want this to get out of hand. We cling to this blog and I am more concerned with keeping it’s integrity intact then entertaining the few that post comments looking to get attention. Let’s move on and let them be.

Again I want to thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. They have made such a difference in our lives. We will always keep you in ours.

Thanks Again….