Hawaii Two-0

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Get it? It’s a play on the old television show “Hawaii Five-0” only it’s Two-0 because Elliott Richard is 2 and Emmett John is (technically) 0. Okay. Okay. Yeah, I know I’m lame. lol (Although, hopefully you’ll get the reference once you see the onesie Emmett John is wearing.)

I keep trying to catch Emmett smiling. I also keep missing. On the bright side, I’m getting some down right adorable pictures of the E’s. That said, here’s another daily dose of “The Dueling E’s”. I know you were having withdrawl symptoms. 😉 lol

Here’s your fix. 🙂

“You want me to do what?!”

Emmett John, the Archer…strike a pose!

(otherwise known as “Vogue-ing” lol)

Sportin’ the “Hawaii 2-0” look courtesy of Apple 🙂

“Mom, I’m serious. No more pictures.”

Deep thoughts

(No, I didn’t pose this picture. Seriously, you try posing a 5 week old. lol)

“I take it.”

(That’s what Elliott Richard says when he wants to hold Emmett. Obviously, Emmett was less than thrilled with the arrangement. lol)