Le Sigh

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Rob and I met with Patty tonight. Things are gettinng messier with every passing hour.

Gavin had meltdowns all day long. He is rapid cycling. One minute he was hyper, talking really fast (more insane rambling than talking), very animated. The next minute he was flying off the handle, freaking out, melting down and completely falling apart.

If we told him “no”, he would first say “okay” and seem totally fine with it. Then he would disolve into a rage 2 minutes later.

Round and round we went today.

We have an emergency appointment with Dr. R on Thursday. They are discussing switching Gavin’s medications again. We are running out of options as far as medications for Gavin goes. Personally, I think it’s going to take a “cocktail” of different medications to truly stabilize him. Not just the “perfect dose” of one, single medication.