Reality Check…..

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If today is any indication of whats to come the rest of the week has in store, augggh.

The day began with a giant meltdown because he pushed the wrong button on the remote to his TV. Instead of asking for help he lost it and I mean lost it. It took me 30 minutes to get through to him, which is more like me talking and Gavin wondering when he is getting hi slego’s back. His doctor has decided that Gavin may be over medicated and so we have cut his meds in half. This really doesn’t make any sense because the problems are there with or without the meds. It was more manageable on the meds I guess. Anyway, now all hell is breaking lose and we have to wait a “couple weeks” to find out if the reduction in meds is going to work. Most of me is screaming bu**shit on this move because it doesn’t make any sense. He wasn’t getting worse on the meds, the meds were no longer helping… I know it sounds like the same thing but it is different.

Elliott is in the “TERRIBLE” two’s right now. He is “SCREAMING” all the time. He doesn’t listen very well right now. I know he is two but he is way advanced for his age. I know everyone says that about their kids but Gavins doctors are telling us this. Other then that Elliott is doing good.

Emmett is going through a really fussy phase right now. I don’t think were are ready to look at colic yet but he crys “CONSTANTLY” right now. Even Lizze is struggling to be able to comfort him. But other then that he is physically healthy.

Lizze and I are really trying to figure out life. We just cannot seem to catch a break. All three of the kids are constantly screaming and we are getting pushed further and further past our limit. When I turn around I can’t even see our limit anymore. We so despratly need a break. Lizze and I have gone out 2 or three times in past 3 or four years.
Lizze made a whole bunch of new cards but we can’t get enough time to put them online. The computer is in limbo right now. I spoke last week about our hard drive failure and how we lost 500gb of our info (ranging from all past taxs, all of our company records and the past 8 years worth of pictures (totalling around 14,000 pictures). I was able to recover some of them but not all. Seagate sent me a new hdd but sent out the wrong one. So I called to talk to customer service and ask for the correct one. The guy I spoke with happened to here all the chaos in the background and took pity on me. He is going to find an exact match for my dead drive so I can swap out the logic board and hopefully recover all of our info. He is going to sift through over 600 of my model drives they have in stock to do so. Please cross your fingers because he is supposed to call me today with the results.

Lizze is supposed to be in court next week. Our attorney and Gavin’s doc’s are trying to make it go away. Which should be possible since the whole thing is based on misinformation, no scratch that, the whole thing is based on lies and we can easily prove everything but that’s not the point. We shouldn’t have to endure this abuse any longer. Our lives are hard enough as it is and we only get one try. No of this makes any sense why they would do thins, it won’t benefit them in any way shape or form. There is NO WAY Lizze can be separated from Emmett for an entire day. Emmetts pediatrician won’t let him go all the way down there. Which is good because we wouldn’t take him anyways. As it stands I will stay home with Emmett and try to bottle feed him but I don’t know how well that will go over. We just need to be left alone so we can pick up the pieces and begin to rebuild our family and hopefully move forward, with Gavin.

As it stands I just don’t know how much longer we will last…..