A Short Tribute to My Grandmother….

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My grandmother is just the sweetest person in the world. She just recently got her first computer. It’s a Mac and I don’t even understand Macs but she has caught on really fast and we are very proud of her for that. My grandmother has entered the 21st century and is now emailing and surfing the web.

Lizze and I both regret that we cannot visit her more often. Our lives simply don’t afford us the ability to go anywhere anymore. However, she faithfully reads this blog and keeps up to date of all happenings. We are very greatful that she takes the time to read this blog. She also manages to somehow know when we need to talk because she just happens to call at that moment. She is never a bother when she calls, even though she may feel like it. We don’t get many calls asking us how we are so it’s nice. It makes Gavin’s day to get letters in the mail from Great Grandma because it makes him feel important. She never forgets birthdays even if she’s a little late remembering :)…… Oh and she LOVES taking pictures…… 🙂

Well I have to get back to the challenges in my life but I will leave you with this picture.

My Father on the far left (whom Emmett is named after), me, on my lap is Elliott Richard and the my grandmother is on the far right…..

Thanks Grandma. Keep the emails coming. We can’t always replay but we do enjoy reading them.

We Love You…

Rob, Lizze, Gavin, Elliott and Emmett