3 weeks old

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I can’t believe it’s been three weeks since Emmett John made his grand entrance into the world. I suppose he’s growing by leaps and bounds. I’m sure he’s changing everyday right before my very eyes. But he still looks like my Tiny to me. I’m still amazed by all the new and different things I notice about him.

  • He’s started a game of sorts when nursing. He “sneaks” up on it a few times but never really latches on. Then he waits before “attacking”! lol
  • At birth his eyes were such a dark blue that they looked almost black to me. Now they are slowly beginning to lighten into a deep blue.
  • He’s getting much better at lifting his head up. Although he always “over does it” and begins to look more like a huge bobblehead doll than a 3 week old baby. lol
  • He loves his binkies. If we offer one and he isn’t interested, he scowls and does this little gagging noise. Then he continues to scowl even after the bink is removed.
  • His favorite face is the “fish face”.

He’s just getting so big. I keep coming back to “I’m not ready. I don’t want him to grow up.” He’s the last one. My last baby. There will be no more pregnancies. No more babies. No more tiny clothes and tinier diapers. *sob*