Should have skipped this week…..

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This has been the week from HELL.
This is what has happened so far:

1) Our stimulus check is now 2 months late. We were desperately waiting for that.
2) Lizzes laptop finally completely died.
3) My really nice Braun Self-Cleaning Razor died yesterday. I bought that a few years ago, so it’s lasted I guess.
4) We are at our wits end with poor Gavin. Things are really, really getting bad.
5) Our house is continuing to fall apart. We are renting so we can move but are limited because of Gavin’s behavior. We cannot get an apartment or townhouse or duplex because of Gavin’s fits.
6) I scrapped Lizze’s laptop for parts and got some hardware for our desktop to allow for easier backup of our pictures and company information. During the process of installing the external hardware, my new 500gig SATA drive died. The logic board shorted out. I have tried to track down the exact same model and revision but no luck. It died before I could back it up. I have lost 8 years of information. We lost the first 2 years worth of pictures of Elliott Richard. I am so angry with myself for not backing it up sooner. I also lost every movie (and the RAW files) I have created over the past 2 years. I lost ALL our business records. I have been so distracted that I became complacent in my backups. I don’t know if we can recover any of the loss. Recovery ranges for $300 to $3000+. Segate will replace the drive no problem but not the memories. I don’t care about the business stuff, but the pictures of my baby breaks my heart. I still have all the raw video of Elliott and Emmett but not pictures. We lost over 14,000 pictures last night. Everything else is replaceable. My backups that I did have were destroyed a few monthes ago when our house was struck by lightning for the 2nd or 3rd time in 5 years. And with Lizze on bed rest and Gavin struggling backing up wasn’t a priority. BACKUP< BACKUP Learn from my mistakes.
7) Since all the company data is gone I have to start over from scratch. I had to mail my invoices today to avoid the 70 mile round trip to the office on Thursday when they are due. I have to start completely over.