Comments Off on Seriously?!

Okay, those of you who know me (or read this blog) know that I LOVE reality television. I've probably seen most reality shows. Usually I like what I see. Or I at least see some mildly entertaining, redeming quality *some where* in the show.

Have you guys seen the commercials for "Greatest American Dog"? This show is just painful to watch! The only redeming quality in the show are the dogs. (And I'm not even a dog person!) Although there is a 75 yr old great-grandfather with the dog that saved his wife's life. I just love him and I hope he wins.

But seriously? Are we so sad and out of ideas that we are reduced to watching people obsessed with their dogs compete against each other? (And when I say obsessed with their dogs, I mean *obsessed* with their dogs. Like making a different oufit for every day of the week. Or having a "bark" mitz va? I couldn't make this stuff up. lol)

This does not bode well for our Fall Season Premieres if the actors do strike. Imagine…another season of crap during another strike. Yippee.