What I’ve Learned as a “New” Mother

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(I remember what I wanted to blog about.) These are thoughts I want to be sure to get down for Emmett John and whomever else would care to read them.

Since 12:30am Thursday, June 26, 2008 I have learned…
* that Emmett John's arms fall to his sides when he is awake and pooping or passing gas. Then he pulls up his legs and does his business. When he's finished he gets this look on his face that says, "Holy hey! Did you *hear* that?!"
* that while I love my sleep, I love sitting up with Emmett John more.
* even after two sons, which amounts to more shots and fingersticks than I can count or remember, I still sob everytime Emmett John has his bili-level heel sticks.
* that my favorite time of day with Emmett John are his 3 and 6am feedings because I have him all to myself.
* after changing diapers for nearly 6 years, I'm still clumsy, uncoordinated, and slow-as-molasses when it comes to changing Emmett's diaper. (which has gotten me peed on quite a few times already – lol)
* I had Gavin and became convinced that I could not love anyone as I love him. I was wrong. Then I had Elliott Richard and became convinced I culd love anyone as I love them. Then I had Emmett John and I learned that everything I've ever "known" about love was wrong.
* no sunrise is as beautiful as the two I watched at the window of my hospital room with Emmett John.
* everything I've learened to this point as a mother, will only serve to further educate me and remind me of how little I actually know.