She lives!

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It’s currently 11:33pm. Rob is snuggling with Emmett John. Elliott Richard is asleep in bed. Gavin is also asleep, finally. I have no idea how long I have before Emmett John decides he’s starving. (lol) Ah, the joys of exclusively breastfeeding. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I’m going to attempt to keep this update short and sweet, since I don’t know how long I have to write/post it.

Emmett John saw Dr. H, his pediatrician, for the first time today. He’s been on the walaby blanket for about 18 hours, give or take. At his appointment this afternoon his bili level was 15, which is down a whole whopping .4 from Sunday. *sigh* Rob and I were really hoping for a greater improvement than .4 but honestly, we’ll take whatever improvement we can get at this point. He goes back tomorrow for another bili level, which while necessary I hate it. Poor baby is running out of real estate on his heels!!!!

Other than that he’s absolutely perfect. Since we’ve started the walaby blanket his nursing is back up to snuff. For a while there, he was nursing but not very effectively and that’s painful for mommy!!! Now he’s back and nursing like a champ. (Thank God for small favors!)

The Stats (at birth)
Weight: 7lb 4oz
Length: 19.5in
Head Circ: 13.5cm (?)
The Stats (at discharge)
Weight: 6lb 14oz
Length: 19.5in
Bilirubin Level: 12
The Stats (at Dr. H)
Weight: 6lb 13oz (down 1oz from discharge Saturday, not bad)
Length: 19.5in
Head Circ: 33.6cm (right, it’s cm isn’t it?)
Bilirubin level: 15 (whatever unit it’s measured in)

I’m sorry if I worried any of you with my “I’m only human” blog from a few days ago. I just needed to vent. Rob says it was all about him but in all honesty it wasn’t. It was about him and about a zillion other things/people. I’m just dealing with raging hormones and a little bit of baby blues. I’m keeping a close eye on it. So is Rob. But I thank you all for your support and love. It helps, truly it does.

My cousin Sam came over and visited with me today. Which is to say that she came over to see Emmett John and was kind enough to listen to me ramble for like an hour. (Thanks Sam!)

There was so much I wanted to put in this post but my “Mommy Timer” is telling me that Emmett John is going to be calling for me in a few. (Nursing mommies will understand that comment. lol) So it will all have to wait. Not that I remember what most of it was…but that’s beside the point.