Today we cried…..

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We all know that Gavin is “Special”. We know that he lives in his own world away from the rest of us. We just didn’t realize how far away his world really is.

We have come to accept that Elliott and Gavin probably won’t ever have a relationship in the way that most brothers have with each other.

Today Elliott had bumped his hand. I kissed it to make it better but that wasn’t really what he needed. Elliott saw his big brother Gavin coming down the steps to get some more water. Elliott ran over to Gavin and was almost crying to him that he had a boo boo. He asked Gavin to kiss it and make it better. Gavin pushed him aside and walked right by. Elliott then ran after him begging him to kiss his boo boo. Elliott even said “please” which he rarely ever says but Gavin ignored him. Gavin started back up the steps like Elliott wasn’t even there. By this time Elliott was desparatly pleading with him to kiss it and make it better. Gavin returned to his room without any thought to his little brother. Elliott sat down on the step and started to cry the way a 2 year old cries. Then he slowly walked over to us with his head hung and climbed into Mommy’s lap and just snuggled. We both had tears streaming down our faces and we asked him if we could kiss it and make it better. Elliott just quietly wispered Gavin.

At that very moment we realized just how hard this is on Elliott. Gavin isn’t to blame for this becasue it’s not his fault but never the less it impacts all of us…..It impacts all of us in a very real way….