Bed Rest ~ Day 90!!!!

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Wow. I’ve spent 90 days on strict bed rest. That’s just unreal to me. Of course, I’ve broken out of jail a few times during those 90 days but still. It’s been 90 days since preterm labor went from a concern and possibility to a reality. It’s been 16 weeks since the ER docs said we were experiencing a “threatened abortion” (I still hate that term.) and if it happened it wouldn’t be our fault. Tiny’s a fighter, that’s for sure. I just hope he has it in him to fight for another 4 weeks.

I’ve spent the weekend having crazy contractions. They were consistantly 15-20 minutes apart, which is nothing new. But some of them were lasting for 5-10 minutes a piece. I woke up this morning with cramps that were so bad I actually thought for a split second that I was getting ready to start my period. Then I remembered that I was pregnant and that wasn’t going to happen. After debating all day, Rob finally called Dr. D’s office. They had me come in at 4:10pm.

I had an NST and fFN test done. Dr. D said that while I was having some contractions things looked good. He said that if I go into labor at this point he isn’t going to stop me. He’ll just let me go and allow Tiny to enter into the world. They gave me a shot of Demerol/Phenergan to help with the pain and nausea from everything. I must admit, it was nice to be relatively pain-free for a little while.

The Stats
Weight: 183 (I gained 4lb! Yay!)
Tiny’s Heartrate: 147bpm
NST: passed (3 cx/20m)

For now we are just waiting. Again. I’ll be sure to update if anything changes. I’m hoping to make it to 36 weeks but Rob thinks it will be sooner. Let’s hope not.

Rob is now cleaning like a mad man. I think he’s nesting enough for the both of us. (lol) We have a lot we need to get figured out PDQ. I need to get a duffle bag and pack it for me. Have bags packed and ready for the boys. Have arrangements made for who is taking which boy. There is so much to be done and I just don’t have the energy to do any of it.

90 days down ~ 45 to go
13 weeks down ~ 5 to go