Alls well on the Tiny front…

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Just got home from my NST, BPP and appointment with Dr. D. Things went well. (Yay!) We had the BPP first. Tiny is looking good. She didn’t take measurements because she does those every two weeks and we just measured him on Thursday. So he’ll get measured next week at the hospital. He was such a trooper. Breathing as soon as we started and then breathing through the whole BPP. He was moving his hands and fingers around. He’s still head down and from what I can tell “locked and loaded”. Barb was trying to get us a picture of his profile and it was so cute because the umbilical cord was right in front of his mouth (the cord looks like bubbles on an ultrasound) and Tiny had his lips puckered so it looked like he was blowing bubbles! (lol) Barb tried to get a picture of it for us but she couldn’t get a good one because my hip bone was in the way (that’s how far “head down” he is!). It was so cute to see though. So Tiny passed his BPP with flying colors again. (Double yay!)

After the BPP we had the NST. I passed even though I had 3 contractions during the half hour test. Tiny was moving around and his heartrate was having all the appropriate decells and whatnot. I think he only moves because the monitors on my belly make him so angry; other wise I don’t know that he’d move that much. (lol) Those 3 contractions were kicking my butt though. It was bad enough that I woke up with morning sickness again this morning. Then the contractions were making my back hurt and giving me cramps. It sucked.

Once we finished up with the NST we got to see Dr. D for a minutes. I asked him about the return of the evil morning sickness. He said it was normal. I told him I have been taking my phenergan for it. He said, “Oh the 12.5mg?” I laughed and told him that I was taking the full 25 mg and I was lucky if that took the edge off, forget about getting rid of it. (lol)

Now we just hang out until next week. I have to go to the hospital next Wednesday for my BPP and NST because Barb is on vacation. Then I see Dr. D on Thursday to go over the results. (Yay!) I can’t wait to see how much he’s grown in two weeks. 🙂

The Stats
Weight: 179lb
at least I managed to maintain my weight with the return of the morning sickness)BP: 96/63
Tiny’s Heartrate: 137bpm
Fundal Height: 33 cm
(right on target which is good considering he’s already head down and locked in place)
BPP: Passed
NST: Passed (only 3 contractions)

After we finished up at Dr. D’s office we had to stop and pay a bill. Then Rob took me for Chic-Fil-A on our way back to Mom and Dad G’s to pick up Elliott Richard. (It was being delivered to Dr. D’s office as we were leaving and it smelled heavenly!) We hung out at Mom’s for a little while. I finished off my lunch. Elliott Richard took bites from each end of his kickin’ strips. Then we headed for school to pick Gavin up.

I admit it. I cheated. I went in to the school and said Hi to everyone. It was so great to be there! I can’t even tell you how much I have missed picking Gavin up and seeing everyone 5 days a week. That was by far the best “pick me up” I’ve had in a while. (Not that the sprinkle wasn’t an awesome “pick me up” because it was. It was just different.) Plus, not to sound completely narcissistic here but it was nice just to be missed. (lol)

Now I’m back at home with my feet up. Just like I’m supposed to be. I’m trying to listen to the radio on the internet but they are being difficult! The only one I can get to work is MSN/Pandora’s and they don’t have a very large selection. It’s mostly mainstream rock/pop/r&B stuff, which I don’t really care for. I was looking for a good christian pop station but they don’t seem to exist. 🙁