Bed Rest ~ Day 82 Pity Party for 1

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This will be a pity party post. It will not be happy or upbeat. Most likely, it will be bitter and sarcastic. You have been warned.

So I posted the other day about “The Leak”. Rob and Dad G were able to fix it. (Yay!) It cost us around $200.00 (Boo!) but that’s still better than the $5,000.00. (Yay!) Of course, they didn’t replace everything. They just replaced the busted out portion. They even managed to fix the wiring so that I have power in my upstairs bathroom. (Yay!) Not that it matters now because the whole sewage line is backed up. (Ew!) When you flush the upstairs toilet it comes out in the bathtub. (Double ew!) When you flush the toilet in the half-bath on the first floor, the whole basement backs up. (Triple ew!)

This whole thing is just gross and disgusting. Not to mention so not what I need right now.

My back is killing me. I now have sciatic pain shootin down both legs and up my spine if I dare to move. I’ve been taking my medications that are supposed to help. They don’t help. They dope me up pretty good so I don’t care quite as much about the pain. But the pain is still there. I really hope this pain goes away after Tiny is here. It should. Although I already have arthritis in my back so there’s a chance that this stirred all that up. *sigh*

Tomorrow is my sprinkle. I can’t do laundry. I don’t think I can take a shower right now either. On the bright side, the sprinkle is at my Aunties Paula’s house and I can take a shower there if need be. The Roto-Rooter guy is coming some time between now (9:56am) and noon to give an estimate on “The Leak Part Deux”. Rob has to go to the grocery store. And Gavin needs to come home from my mom’s at some point. I love my life. *sigh*

82 down ~ 53 to go