Bed Rest ~ Day 80

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Pretty quiet day.

Rob and Dad G worked on “The Leak” until about 11:00pm last night. We had a bit of a scare at one point…While Dad was cutting through the soil stack he found an “electrifying” surprise. Apparently at some point a previous owner had run some electrical wiring up the back of the soil stack. While cutting the soil stack Dad G also cut the wires! Flippin’ idiots! (Whoever ran the wires there. Not Dad G.) Then the problem was that now we had this leak and these sliced, exposed wires! Not a good combo. So Rob and Dad went and found the wires and capped them off to remove the risk. We were definitely lucky though.

“The Leak” is also far worse than we originally thought. It’s not a “leak” so much as a 3 foot CRACK splitting the side of the pipe! They were concerned at one point that the crack extended farther down into the wall than they could reach. Luckily, it stopped just shy of “the point of no return”. Now Dad G is back and hopefully they are going to be able to finish the repairs tonight. Although it won’t help me much since the cut wires supplied power to the bathroom. I swear if it’s not one thing, it’s another.

We had our first BPP today at 3:00pm. I read up on BPP’s yesterday but I still kind of figured they were just another ultrasound. Nope. Barb, the ultrasound tech at Dr. D’s office, said that Tiny had 30 minutes to practice breathing twice for 30 seconds each time, show us 3 good movements, have some good accelerations in his heartrate and have plenty of fluid. Barb said we would sit there until we’d seen everything or 30 minutes had passed, which ever came first. Unfortunately, Rob missed most of the ultrasound because my mom was late picking up Elliott Richard. He’ll get to see the rest of them though.

It was actually really cool. Tiny has just the right amount of fluid. (Yay!) He was breathing when she started and he didn’t stop the entire time! (Yay!) She said it isn’t breathing like we do but it helps him prep the right muscles for after birth. It was really cool to watch his little chest rise and fall. I’d never seen that before in an ultrasound. And while it’s not an indicator of lung development, it’s definitely a good sign! 🙂

Then she measured his belly, head and femur. According to his measurements he is the size of a 34 week old fetus (he’s 32 weeks 1 day). She figured out that he weighed 4 lb 11oz!!! The average for a 32 week fetus is 3 lb 12 oz. So he’s almost a full pound ahead! And here I was worried because my fundal height hadn’t changed and I’ve been struggling to gain weight that he might measure small. Turns out he’s been keeping all the weight for himself. (lol)

After she measured him, she watched for the movements. I think he only moved because she was poking him and he hates that. (lol) She didn’t give us his score but she did say that had passed with flying colors.

Then we spent a little bit of time just checking out what Tiny looks like since Rob got a late start. She gave us 3 pictures, which I need to upload. One picture is of his foot, which was planted in my right ribs (he’s head down just like we thought but she said there’s a chance he may pop back out). The second picture is of his face looking at us. We even got to see his eye moving while we were looking at his face. (Very cool.) And the third picture is just of his nose and lips. You can see his tiny little squishie nose (who knew my squishie nose would turn out to be a dominant trait?! lol) and his lips! Seriously, we could see his lips all puckered up as if he wanted a kiss. It’s too freaking cute!

We go back on Tuesday for our next NST and BPP. She said she won’t measure his weight every week because there usually isn’t much change. But they do these NST’s and BPP’s because of my thrombo-something (the reason I develop the blood clots and have to have the Heparin injections). She said the thrombo-whatever it is could cause Tiny to not get enough blood and nutrients through the umbilical cord. So once a week we get to see Tiny. I can’t wait! 🙂

While we were spying on Tiny, my mom took Elliott Richard to pickup my Grammy for ice cream. Then she brought him home. He had fun and it was good for him to get out of the house and see his grandmas for a bit.

*Leak Update* Dad just finished cutting the piece out. He showed it to me once they removed it and it’s *obvious* that this leak has been going on for *ages*. The crack appears to be 1/4 – 1/2 inch wide in some spots! That’s just insanity! I can’t wait for them to finish because this pregnant woman has got to pee! (lol) And Tiny’s break dancing is NOT helping.

80 down ~ 55 to go (I think…)