Please Define “Over-Doing It”

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Okay so I usually try and take my bed rest very seriously. Really, I do. But I’ve been struggling this week.

Sunday – I was good.

Monay – Was Memorial Day and we went to Mom & Dad G’s house for a family cookout. I behaved. Really, I did. I only got up to pee or change location. I swear I only changed location twice. About 75% of the day was spent in Dad’s super comfy Lazy Boy recliner with my feet up watching others play Wii or playing (from the Lazy Boy) with them.

Tuesday – Lisa came. Dropped Elliott Richard at Mom G’s. Saw Dr. D. Visited at Mom G’s for a while. Again from a reclining chair with my feet up. Came home and hung out in a funky mood. Went to dinner (got up twice to get food but I would have been up that much at home). Went to Pat Catan’s (a locally owned craft store) and walked way more than I should have. Came home. Put Elliott to bed. Took my meds for my back and passed out at about 9-10:00pm.

Today – Got up a totally grump from lack of sleep and loads of pain. Took meds at lunch. Took a nap for 2 hours or so. Got up and helped Rob pickup before Dad G got here to investigate “The Leak”. Transferred items (food, toys etc) needed for sanity upstairs to the bedroom. Relocated from living room to bedroom with Elliott Richard and Cleo. Oh and Gavin is also home tonight because my little brother has an awards ceremony tonight. So he’s all setup in his room. (Thank God we had satellite installed in there!) Once in the bedroom I began refolding laundry that had become unfolded and putting it away. While Elliott has been playing with toys.

So yes, I supposed that’s *technically* considered over-doing it. But at least the laundry is folded and put away. Well, the laundry that has been outgrown and now needs packed away.

Every day I *swear* I’m going to stay down all day. And every day I end up doing things that are definitely probably considered “over-doing it”.

As I write this (on my phone) Rob and his dad are tearing into my walls. Examining the extent of the damage from “The Leak”. It’s bad. Real bad. Far worse than we thought. They left for Home Depot a little bit ago to get the part to patch it. Rob is hopeful that even with it beginning as bad as it is, it’s still within reach to be patched. I hope so because until it’s fixed, we’ve lost the use of our full bathroom. “Luckily” we have a 1/2 bath (toilet, sink) in our kitchen. (Don’t ask. We didn’t put it there.) I can’t even begin to list all the things I find wrong with using this bathroom. I just pray that they can patch it. And I pray that my back pain doesn’t bring me to tears during my u/s tomorrow. Oh and my “over doing it”…I hope and pray that doesn’t cause Tiny to come early. (By the way, I talked to Dr. D’s office today and my fFN was NEGATIVE! Woo who! So hopefully that will get us another two weeks of baking…that would take us to 34 weeks. Not bad.)

***Not sure when this will post but it was written late, late Wednesday night. Just so you know that the “today” I refer to is Wednesday, not Thursday.***