Appointments, Injections and Jail Breaks…Oh my!

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Okay so I had my weekly 17P injection and my appointment with Dr. D yesterday. I tried to write all about it yesterday but I was exhausted (still am) and it just wasn’t happening. Sorry.

So Lisa came at 8:00am, per usual. We sat. We chatted. She took vitals for me and Tiny. Then she gave me my injection. I finally got around to asking her if she knows why some of the injections burn and others don’t. She said that’s just the way it goes. So nothing to be concerned about. Just one of those things. Overall, it was a rather lovely visit…aside from the whole injection part. 🙂 lol

The Stats
BP: 100/68
Tiny’s Heartrate: 132bpm

The we all got dressed and ready and took Elliott Richard to Grandma G’s house. Then Rob and I went to my appointment with Dr. D. The appointment was at 10:00am but I didn’t take into account the fact that he hadn’t seen patients on Monday so the office was PACKED! I swear for every 3 patients they called back another 5 walked through the door. It was craziness.

At 10:45am they finally called me back for my NST. I had a few contractions that seemed to go on forever. But overall it went pretty well. Of course, in keeping with being my son Tiny started moving like a good little boy and then promptly got the hiccups so rather than being done in 10 minutes it took us about a half hour. (lol)

Once that was done, the nurse took me to the exam room. Dr. D came in and did the fFN test, which I guess will be my last one. (woo who!) He said that we are looking good and have done everything we can. Now we wait. He didn’t really give any indication of whether he thinks Tiny will come in the next few weeks or not, at least not that I can remember. I asked him about the hot flashes I’ve been having. He said they were normal. As are the spots within my line of vision during the hot flashes. So all in all, it was a pretty low-key appointment.

Then we had to make an appointment for a BPP on Thursday (I was supposed to have it yesterday but they didn’t tell me to schedule it so I have to go back tomorrow.) and an appointment for an NST and BPP for next Tuesday. 🙂 Yup, I now get to see Tiny once a week until he makes his appearance. (Yippee!)

They didn’t have the results of my fFN test yesterday when I called. So I have to call in a little bit to find out what they are. Rob still thinks it will come back positive. I’m not sure what I think. All I really know is that I’m sore and exhausted and can’t seem to stay awake lately.

The Stats
Weight: 179lb
(down a pound again)
BP: 103/63
Tiny’s Heartrate: 127 bpm
Fundal Height: 31 cm
(the nurse said that since Tiny dropped it’s okay that I’m still measuring 31 cm)
NST: Passed
fFN: ???

After my appointment we went to pick up Elliott Richard from Grandma G’s house. We ended up hanging out for a while and just chatting with Mom. Then when it was time to leave we found Elliott passed out on the couch. So we stayed for a while longer. Once we finally got home I was in a funk. No reason really. I think it’s just crazy pregnancy hormones.

Rob decided to take me out for one last “hurrah” and we went out for dinner. This is always one of the ways I can tell I’m a mom…Rob offers to take me to dinner and I pass up the places I would typically ask to go for a “kid friendly” place. I finally opted for Golden Corral because it’s a buffet and we could get there and get Elliott eating right away. Plus there’s the added bonus of I can eat whatever I want and as much as I want. And so can Rob and Elliott. So if Elliott doesn’t eat what we picked out the first time, we can just get him something else. All I really cared about was the steak, potatoes, and sauteed mushrooms. 🙂 Yum.

After dinner we made a quick dash to Pat Catan’s so I could pick up some card making supplies. I also got to pick up some new stamps which were on sale and some different papers. Now I just have to find the motivation to make the cards. (lol)